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Prodisc - L (Lumber)

About Prodisc L

The vertebral bodies encase the spinal cord to provide protection. When stacked on top of each other, they form the spinal column which provides stability for the head and upper body. The spinal cord and the nerve exits are located within the spinal canal. The intervertebral discs are located between the vertebral bodies. These discs cushion shock forces, acting as “shock absorbers”. The discs in conjunction with the vertebral joints facilitate motion by turning, stretching and bending of the neck.

Mechanism of Action

The prodisc implant is a ball and socket design with a fixed center of rotation. This patented design has been in clinical use since 1990 and utilized across the entire product platform. The fixed center of rotation allows physiological range of motion while providing stability to the spine and significantly reducing reoperations at the adjacent levels.

Safe and Reproducible Surgical Technique

Working with leading spine surgeons from around the world, the prodisc C instrumentation and surgical technique has been refined to facilitate safe and reproducible implantation through a standard transverse approach to the anterior cervical spine.

  • Three step implantation technique
  • Enables accurate sizing and precise placement of the implant
  • Trial Mechanism1. Trial
  • Chisel Mechanism2. Chisel
  • Implant Mechanism3. Implant
  • Final Mechanism4. Final

Patient Educational Videos

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